Funding Mechanism

The Board of Directors of the Fund has defined fixed criteria and bases for financing university projects, which are:

Compliance with the provisions of the financing mechanism approved by the Board of Directors. The Fund operates according to specific procedures that are completed with its justifications when requesting each project.

Compliance with procedures

The General Secretariat studies the application in accordance with the Fund’s financing mechanism before submitting it to the Advisory Committee, which studies all funding applications submitted by universities and referred to it by the General Secretariat. It also expresses its advisory opinion on the eligibility of applications for funding university projects and studies all its elements in terms of priority, scientific value, and importance at the same time. Its recommendations are considered one of the justifications for funding requests submitted to the Board of Directors.

Review requests

Recommendations are submitted to the Board of Directors regarding the project to be funded.

Submitting Recommendations

At its meeting, the Board of Directors studies the funding request and issues its decision regarding it.

Board of Directors decision

If approved, the funding amount will be transferred to the university according to the project implementation period.

Make a financial transfer

What do We Finance?

Supporting scientific and academic programs for universities.

Establishing new colleges and expanding existing colleges.
Financing the purchase of equipment and providing laboratory requirements.
Funding programs, centers and scientific research.

Providing scholarships and employing students in universities.

Providing other requirements such as the urgent needs of university hospitals and other needs.