Financial Investments

  • The Higher Education Fund works as a pooled investment fund that contributes to enhancing and diversifying the sources of income for universities, and reducing the correlation of education sector spending with economic cycles.
  • The Fund works with the Investment Committee to determine short-, medium- and long-term investment goals, after taking into account the inflation rate, expected cash flows, degree of risk tolerance, in addition to the universities’ financing needs.
  • To achieve these goals, the Higher Education Fund invests in a multi-asset portfolio in various local and global markets, which is managed directly or through external investment managers.
  • Investment opportunities are selected and analyzed dynamically, including studying the relevant markets and sectors for the asset class under study, and conducting the necessary due diligence checks.


Developing and sustaining financial resources for the higher education sector


Achieving justice between generations

Investment arm

Strengthening the role of the Fund as an investment arm for universities

Real Estate Investments

In our investments, we rely on the principle of continuous business development, diversification, and geographical expansion in the long term, and as such, real estate investment activities have expanded in the real estate market to include various investments in the regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The Fund has a number of diversified investments in real estate, hotel and commercial projects in the most successful sectors, including:

Commercial Sector

Hail Commercial Mall

Real Estate Sector

Real Estate of Al Madina Al Munawara

Hotel Sector

Hail University Hotel- Tabuk Hotel- Jazan Hotel
Real estate projects have continued to account for the largest portion of market performance. In the long term, in line with the National Transformation Plan and Vision 2030 to stimulate the broader economic system and implement initiatives that contribute to the development of the real estate market, the Fund has reached its real estate projects and investments by creating a stable investment portfolio that seeks to achieve the best realized investment return, double long-term revenues, and reduce risks, as well as take advantage of the available real estate investment opportunities in the market.
The Fund is working, thanks to God and under the guidance of the wise leadership, to record a strong and distinguished track record based on strong investment strategies to achieve returns in the long term, raise its cash flows at a high rate, and manage assets effectively to reach the highest levels of performance and revenues while ensuring the best degrees of risk protection, in accordance with the government's orientations and Vision 2030.

Investments in the Future

The Fund succeeded in creating a long-term investment portfolio through a variety of real estate, hotel and commercial investments. The investments were diversified according to the management’s approved investment methodology and policies in forming long-term investments with revenues that increase annually while ensuring that the investments are safe from risks.

Investment decisions are the results of extensive research, specialized committees, and careful studies of all aspects of the activities in which you invest, including financial resources, growth prospects, and an effective will to search for the best financial returns for investment.