The University Higher Education Fund, represented by His Excellency the Secretary-General, Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Dakhil, and His Excellency the Director of the University Affairs Department, Dr. Samer bin Muhammad Al-Aqeel, visited Wadi Makkah Company. They were received by His Excellency the CEO of the company, Dr. Faisal bin Ahmed Allaf, His Excellency the CEO of Tilal Al Namaa Real Estate Investment Company, Dr. Wadih bin Ali Al-Barqawi, and a number of the company’s employees.

During this, a tour was conducted in the company building, which included visiting the companies affiliated with Wadi Makkah Company and learning about their products and work. This was then followed by a meeting to discuss aspects of cooperation between the University Higher Education Fund, Wadi Makkah Company and its subsidiaries, and the investment opportunities that can be achieved with the contribution of both parties to achieve the public interest.

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