The Board of Directors of the University Higher Education Fund held its twenty-ninth meeting and fourth meeting during the fiscal year 2018, headed by His Excellency the Minister of Education and Chairman of the Fund’s Board of Directors, Dr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Issa, in the presence of Their Excellencies, members of the Board of Directors and Secretary of the Board of Directors, Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Dakhil.

During the meeting, Dr. Al-Dakhil gave a presentation on the Fund’s performance during the fiscal year 2018 and reviewed the interim report of the General Secretariat. The recommendations and initiatives of the committees emanating from the Council, Which included the recommendations of the Audit Committee, the Investment Committee, and the Fund’s Advisory Committee.

At the end of the meeting, His Excellency the Minister of Education, Chairman of the Council, thanked the members of the Council and the Secretary-General for the tangible efforts made to develop the work of the Fund and raise performance rates during the fiscal year 2018 AD, and stressed the necessity of continuing these efforts by the Council, the committees emanating from it, and the work team in the General Secretariat to achieve the aspirations of our wise leadership, may God bless them, to develop the Fund’s investments that It will benefit the university education system in the Kingdom.

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