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The decision was issued by His Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Issa, Minister of Education and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the University Higher Education Fund, Appointing Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Dakhil as Secretary-General of the University Higher Education Fund, Dr. Al-Dakhil has held many administrative tasks, including Head of the Management Department – College of Business Administration at King Saud University and Director of the Master’s and Parallel Master’s Programs. He worked as a consultant in a number of economic entities and held many leadership and supervisory positions, the most recent of which was Deputy Secretary-General of the University Higher Education Fund.

Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Dakhil extended his sincere thanks and gratitude to His Excellency the Minister of Education, Chairman of the Fund’s Board of Directors, and to their Excellencies and Excellencies the members of the Board for their confidence in appointing him as Secretary-General of the Fund. He called on God Almighty to be of good faith and to help him do everything he can to serve his country.


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